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Hello, My name is Richard Wilson and I am a fund marketing consultant with a background in third party marketing. I have raised between $200M and $250M for my clients and have now shared many painful lessons learned along the way. This is where I share best practices, PR tips, case studies, and unique capital raising strategies in the videos and resources below:

Warning: Always check with your compliance counsel or legal adviser before using any new marketing techniques or methods. No one strategy is going to work for everyone so the results may vary when applying these marketing lessons to raising capital for your fund. Full Disclosure: My company is associated with InvestorDatabases.com, HedgeFundCertification.com, HedgeFundPremium.com, and FamilyOfficesDatabase.com.

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Fund Marketing Resources

  1. Top 5 Hedge Fund Marketing Strategies | MP3 Audio Download
  2. Hedge Fund Marketing Tools
  3. Why Bad Copywriting Can Kill Your Capital Raising Efforts
  4. 5 Unique Hedge Fund Marketing Tactics (1 of 5)
  5. 5 Unique Hedge Fund Marketing Tactics (2 of 5)
  6. 5 Unique Hedge Fund Marketing Tactics (3 of 5)
  7. Hedge Fund Marketing  Mechanics
  8. Hedge Fund Marketing Hurdles
  9. Crafting Your Investor Avatar to Raise More Capital
  10. Email Marketing Best Practices
  11. Do This If You Want To NOT Raise Capital
  12. Top 10 Hedge Fund Marketing Mistakes
  13. Third Party Marketing Trends & Insights
  14. Hedge Fund Marketing Power Words
  15. Marketing to Institutional Investors
  16. Hedge Fund Pitch Book Marketing Materials
  17. SKAR Development Formula by Richard Wilson
  18. Public Relations Services for Hedge Fund Managers
  19. Speed of Implementation 
  20. Hedge Fund Business Plan | Plans For Growth
  21. Hedge Fund PowerPoint Improvement Tips
  22. Hedge Fund Seeding Terms
  23. 18 Lessons From Shooting Star Hedge Funds
  24. Combatting a Battered Image of Hedge Funds
  25. Hedge Fund Logo | Branding Help
  26. Raise More Capital: 80 Unique Resources, Tools & Tips
  27. Do This To NOT Raise Capital
  28. Hedge Fund Marketing Best Practice: Kick Your Own Ass
  29. 4 Steps to Investor Pipeline Development
  30. This is Bad News: There is NO Magic Bullet
  31. Best Practices of Giant $1B+ Hedge Funds
  32. Presuppositions: How to Use a Presupposition 
  33. William Edwards Deming
  34. Emulating Capital Raising Best Practices
  35. Hedge Fund Public Relations
  36. Alternative Investment Marketing & Sales
  37. Importance of Copywriting for Capital Raising
  38. Hedge Fund Marketing Licensing Requirements
  39. Hedge Fund Seed Capital
  40. Marketing Hedge Funds to Financial Advisors
  41. Capital Raising Methods & Focus
  42. Kick Your Own Ass
  43. Hedge Fund Investors Becoming More Institutional
  44. The Power of Focus
  45. Emerging Hedge Fund Investors & Capital Raising
  46. Hedge Fund Media Exposure
  47. Investor Due Diligence & Emerging Managers?
  48. Institutional Family Office Investors | Video
  49. Family Office Database Databases Available
  50. Hedge Fund Advertising & Marketing Restrictions Ideas
  51. Third Party Marketing Ban | A New Trend?
  52. Pension Funds Ditch Hedge Funds... or Do They?
  53. Hedge Fund Marketing Plan
  54. Raising New Hedge Fund Capital During the Crisis
  55. Hedge Fund Sales Careers | Investor Access
  56. Hedge Fund Marketing in 2009
  57. Hedge Fund Marketing in Switzerland
  58. Sales Motivation
  59. Psychology of Sales Call Reluctance
  60. Hedge Fund Marketing Statistics Third Party Marketers
  61. Third Party Marketing & Placement Agent Restrictions
  62. Hedge Fund Seeding
  63. Investment Public Relations Video Interview
  64. Financial Public Relations
  65. Financial Advisor Marketing
  66. University Endowment Funds List
  67. Raising Capital
  68. Third Party Marketing
  69. Email Newsletter Creation Tool
  70. Third Party Marketing Due Diligence
  71. Marketing Hedge Funds
  72. Hedge Fund Sales
  73. Buy a Family Office Directory
  74. Hedge Fund Press Release Contacts
  75. Hedge Fund Relationship Building
  76. Hedge Fund PR
  77. 3PM
  78. Sales Phone Calls
  79. Investment Marketing
  80. Top 9 Hedge Fund Database Selection Tips
  81. NLP Certification
  82. CTA Database
  83. Motivational Sale Quotes
  84. Hedge Fund Ethics
  85. Using White Papers in Sales
  86. Financial PR
  87. Marketing & Creativity
  88. Capital Introduction
  89. Types of Hedge Fund Investors
  90. Raising Capital With Tenacity
  91. Seed Capital
  92. Gitomer Conference
  93. Motivational Video
  94. Cold Calling Tips
  95. How To Have a Positive Attitude
  96. Outsourcing Hedge Fund Marketing
  97. Orienting Reflex
  98. Hedge Fund Investors
  99. Are your Customers High?
  100. Third Party Marketing Career
  101. Institutional Hedge Fund Marketing
  102. Capital Introductions
  103. 3rd Party Marketing
  104. Marketing to and Targeting CEOs
  105. Sales Details
  106. Investment Sales Jobs

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