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Capital Raising Best Practice

Lately I have been meeting with and speaking to many experts in capital raising that collectively have raised over $100B within the hedge fund industry. One thing keeps coming up again and again while we complete these interviews for the upcoming Hedge Fund Marketing Mechanics product.

That is that while there are best practices, time saving strategies, costly mistakes to avoid, and blazed paths to follow part of the winning solution for hedge fund marketing is simply working your face off.

You have to make mistakes, take action, implement what you learn, and try what is being taught.  You cannot outsource everything, you have to invest your personal time in doing these things and as Wyatt Woodsmall says knowing plus doing is when learning occurs.  Simply knowing something leads to 0 growth and 0 progress, you can know everything in the world but without taking action you are not going to raise a single dollar.  Jeffrey Gitomer was one of the first "sales gurus" that I was trained by and he always talked about waking up every morning and kicking your own ass.  If you do this daily, and with focus you are 20x more likely to eventually succeed and raise the capital you need.

I hope this post is reassuring to those who are reaching out to potential investors daily and constantly improving their marketing materials and a source of motivation for those who have been putting it off for too many months or years without serious attention.

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