NLP Certification

NLP Certification

Neural Linguistic Programming (NLP) Certification

NLP CertificationOne of my good friends just completed a full certification course on NLP. It included voice pattern analysis, representational system identification, mapping, modeling, etc. He really spoke highly of it and he has a masters in Psychology and has seen hundreds of patients for therapy sessions.

I have always been very skeptical of the belief in NLP that you can identify the preferred representational system of an individual by watching their eye movements but my friend is certain that it is accurate over 90% of the time.

I'm not sure what my thesis is going to be on but maybe it will be based on NLP or some combination of Chialdini and NLP methods of influence to look into these issues further. It would be fun to get certified in NLP as part of my thesis project.

Has anyone reading this had training in NLP?

- Richard

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