Forbes Media bought Investopedia this year for an undisclosed amount that was probably in the tens of millions of dollars. The site had over 2.5M unique visitors a day and held over 5,200 definitions of commonly used and obscure financial terms. was sold by a man in Vegas for $4.2M. Before selling this man was earning $1,300/day off of the advertising revenue from this website.

I only buy investment related domains such as, and, there are a number of ways to make money from purchased domains:

  • Ad revenue generated from relevant content and high Google rankings
  • Domain parking ad revenue
  • Leads generated through a form posted on the website
  • Leasing the website to an established business in the industry
  • Selling the domain to another "domainer" or a professional in the industry
  • Creating a full-fledged or virtual store based on the high traffic that a domain name receives - see and

Some of my current web projects include:

- Richard

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