100 Sales Details Oriented

Sales Details

100 Sales Details Oriented

Sales DetailsWhile doing third party marketing I'm finding that being detail oriented doesn't really sum up what you need to do. "Detail oriented" makes it sound like there are 3-4 things you need to watch closely or a need to be aware of changes or concerns with your clients. The reality in competitive sales environments is you have to be proactively detail oriented. You need to not only be cold calling but also writing, speaking, networking, creating unique marketing pieces, providing value to others every day in 80 different ways. Many of the people I call recieve over 150 emails and 50 phone calls every single business day. To be very successful you almost need a list of 100 ways to be proactively sales detail oriented or you will never rise above the noise.

If anyone has a list such as this. If I complete a robust list myself I will make sure and post it here to this blog.

- Richard

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