Using White Papers in Sales

Using White Papers in Sales

Using White Papers in Sales

Using White Papers in SalesMany sales books and prospects alike say that white papers can help engage potential customers and provide value first while also positioning yourself as an expert in your field. If this is true why aren't there more white papers on your industry?
  1. Most people aren't great writers
  2. Most people don't see the value in writing and sharing expertise.
  3. Most people don't believe they have time to write.
  4. Some people who are technically qualified on writing white papers aren't experts in marketing and sales so they may not get their work widely distributed.
  5. Maybe there are many white papers out there and you haven't seen them yet. Do some niche specific searches on Google to check what your competitors have written first. Develop unique content and insights for your white paper but steal the non-trademarked or copyrighted styling and organizational best practices of the white papers you find for your own use.
This is great news for you. If you are willing to do the hard work you can stand out as an expert and you will in fact become an expert learning more about specific niche topics than many of your competitors.

What is a White Paper?

White papers are opinion pieces that educate, state a position, suggest a solution to a problem, or introduce a new technology or process.

Parts Of a White Paper
  • Abstract
  • Problem Description (2-3 paragraphs)
  • New class of products
  • Product's use in solving the problem
  • Conclusion

White Paper Writing Tips
  • If you don't engage the reader within the first paragraph they will never read the rest of your white paper.
  • Focus on pains of the reader, describe those pains and explain the further consequences of the current state of business. This will help you connect with the qualified prospects who you are targeting.
  • Focus on education and not self-serving press release information
  • Write objectively use facts, quotes, statistics, and surveys where possible
  • Keep your white paper to between 3-4,000 words. 2,000 words seems too skimpy sometimes and anything longer most people won't read.
- Richard

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