Gaining Responsibility

Gaining Responsibility

One of my friends recently sent me an email asking the following question:

"What do you find to be the best way to gain responsibility at work other than just doing a good job and being efficient?"

I believe that almost everyone asks this question at several points in their career, whether you are in sales, pension plan management, or asking if your customers "want fries with that."

The list I have compiled from my experience includes:

1. Do what your boss asks for and then a little more. More in terms of professional packaging, potential problems solved, customers or internal customers satisfied

2. Volunteer to work on larger projects that might stretch over a few different departments

3. Start taking notes on what possible ways you could improve how your team, company, or yourself could work and wait 3 months to see if they are still accurate and then suggest on idea that you have incubated for 3 months to your boss. If you spout out ideas without first learning the business politics than you might come off as arrogant or too aggressive.

4. Never leave a problem on your boss's desk. If there is a problem with your work or something that came up with a customer do a little research and put some thought into suggesting the best solution you can think of. Your boss is probably very busy and doesn't want to listen to your problem if you haven't already came up with a potential solution - that just stresses him out more.

5. Join a toastmasters group in your building...there used to be one on the second floor and you can go there during lunch.

6. Identify a few potential mentors and ask them to lunch or coffee and ask for top 5 tips for succeeding at your firm, or top 5 pitfalls to avoid, etc.

7. Hopefully by doing the above he will see you as someone he can dump future important projects on you without worrying about the results.

- Richard

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