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CFA Study Materials, CFA Materials, CFA MaterialI sometimes get emails asking questions regarding CFA material options, what to use to study and what type of exam prep process might be best to take. I have not earn the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Designation but thousands of people have. Here is some advice straight from someone who has passed all 3 levels of the CFA exam and their advice on what CFA exam materials might be best to use.

Study materials to prepare for the CFA exam can include the books provided by CFA Institute when a candidate registers for the exam, resources from Kaplan Financial's Schweser, Stalla and other less popular ones like 7city. I had mostly used the material by Schweser for all the 3 levels along with the materials provided by the CFA Institute.
Every candidate I know used either of these two, with most of them using Schweser. Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Institute provided material is quite comprehensive and covers the topics with more explanation than Schweser. Nonetheless, Schweser does cover all the topics well, as has been my experience for the 3 levels of the CFA exam program.

If the candidate feels he can put in the time to cover the material from the CFA Institute factoring in two thorough readings (one pass on the readings probably won't be sufficient to remember everything), then that should be the 1st choice. However, given a rationing of time, Schweser should be the next best choice. Since I don't know anyone who has used Stalla, I don't have a comment on it, but suffice it to say that one of those discussed above should serve the purpose quite well.

A recent poll showed that individuals used study materials in the follow percentage amounts:
  • CFA Institute provided - 8 votes (50%)
  • Schweser - 7 votes (43%)
  • Stalla - 1 vote (6%)
  • Other - 0 votes (0%).
- CFA Guest Blogger

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