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Hedge Fund Survey

Hedge Fund Investor Survey

Hedge Fund Survey, Hedge Fund Investment Survey, Hedge Fund Investor SurveyA recent survey of hedge fund investors showed that many of them, over 50% are satisfied with their alternative investment or hedge fund investments right now. Only 30% of this same group were satisfied with their stock and bond investments.

I thought this would be interesting to post here and important because it cuts through the bias placed upon the reporting on hedge fund blow ups, billion dollar take downs and locks ups that we have seen a lot of in the mainstream news outlets.

Here is an excerpt from another blog posts on this subject:
The survey, of 400 clients with $3 million or more in investible assets, found that more than half of those with hedge-fund investments were “satisfied” with the funds’ performance.

That compares with an approval rating of just 30% for traditional investments such as stocks and bonds. Other alternatives also fared better than stocks and bonds: a 41% approval rating for venture capital, 41% for real-estate, and 35% for private equity.

What gives? Haven’t hedge funds had one of the worst years in history?

According to Hedge Fund Research, the hedge-fund industry was down 3.2% for the month through July 24. That’s the worst July performance since the research firm starting tracking the business in 1990, and the worst monthly performance since 2000.

Yet stocks have fared even worse. The S&P is down 16% for the year, and the Dow is down about the same. Hedge funds also offer a greater opportunity to play the downturn with distressed funds.

Source: WSJ Wealth Report

Special thanks to Rick at FinancialAwakenings.com for alerting me to this survey.

- Richard

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