Hedge Funds and Private Equity

Hedge Funds and Private Equity

Article: Hedge Funds and Private Equity

hedge funds and private equityThe line between Hedge Funds and private equity is growing more gray each year. Many Hedge Funds are owned by private equity groups and many private equity firms are making long-term investments in the ownership of hedge funds.

Hedge funds and private equity firms have both seen an unprecedented inflow of assets and increasing scrutiny from both the FSA and SEC on the regulation of their practices and taxation on their profits.

Many Hedge Funds and private equity groups have been forming alliances or joint ownership structures to share information and investor leads. Many times the ripples of market changes felt in a small private equity firm could soon impact a long/short Small Cap Growth portfolio of a hedge fund. In the future there will probably be an even strong convergence of hedge fund and private equity firms as profits as fee levels and profit margins are slimmed and additional firms are acquired by large investment groups.

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