Orienting Reflex

Orienting Reflex

Influence Through Orienting Reflex

Orienting ReflexOne way in which people are influenced everyday is through our orienting reflex. The orienting reflex is the process we go through while reacting to something novel, new, or mysterious. It is what makes first dates, roller coasters, and vacations to exotic islands so enjoyable.

When a loud alarm goes off we stop and ask ourselves why it is going off and if it has any effect on us. If you are in the middle of a movie at your local theater and the fire alarm starts to go off everyone will look around for a minute before taking action. Each person is orienting themselves to this new situation and combination of variables and they are looking for instructions from other people's actions, their past experiences, or some sort of authority such as a movie theater employee. This very moment while the movie audience is determining what to do next is when they are most easily influenced. This same rule applies to changes in stock market conditions and the reaction of wall street analysts and investment news broadcasters.

If you can be the person to suggest a strategy or provide additional credible evidence when others are still orienting to a new environment you can be very influential very quickly.

- Richard

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