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Sales Phone CallsI make an average of 25 sales phone calls every day. I often call 40-60 people but on other days I might only reach out to about 10. What is interesting about making all of these phone calls is listening to how differently people sound and react during these conversations.

I am writing this blog entry because today I called someone who was unqualified, it turned out that their company didn't even provide the type of service I was hoping to discuss. I made a joke about sending him a personal check or paypal payment to provide me with the type of contact I needed to connect with and it worked. I was not trying to be manipulative by forcing myself to be funny to get information, I just made a dumb joke. Even after this was obvious this individual asked me what I needed and ended up connecting me with a very valuable contact. He also asked where I lived, where I grew up, and if I had a wife or any kids. I was shocked, not while talking to him but after I hung up. In 8 months of making over 600 phone calls I have never once had someone be so friendly and upfront like that. It was a refreshing change from the monotone burnt out tone of voice I usually end up listening to. What is important is not what happened during this phone but after I realized how valuable of a contact he had given me. I felt strongly obligated to thank him or re-pay him in some way.

This has taught me to always see the humor in situations and give value away freely to those in need of help.

One un-related sales phone call lesson I have learned is that if you have highly qualified the END person that you are trying to reach they will be happy to talk to you because your service is relevant to them and necessary for their success.

- Richard

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Matthew said...

That's funny, because I had a few of those calls when I was recruiting... you get off the phone and you almost want to call the guy back!

Nice blog... you need pictures! Check out mine

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