Cold Calling Tips & Advice

Cold Calling Tips

Cold Calling Tips and Advice

Cold Calling Tips, Cold Calling tip, Cold calling help, cold calling advice, cold calling program, cold calling coaching, telemarketing tips1. Don't ask the prospect "How are you doing." You don't care how they are doing. If you cared you would have done some research on the company first and you would have something more intelligent to ask them. Might sound harsh but it is true. Do your homework first.

2. Keep in mind that thousands of people cold call and several people are probably calling the same or very similar prospects as the ones you are approaching. Everyone plays the number game and it is natural to not have your calls or emails returned. The goal is to develop enough perceived value so they will take your call the next time or call you when they are ready to buy your product or service.

3. Shoot for 30-80 phone calls a day. More is not always better but trying to do 6-10 calls an hour will keep you on your toes and always dialing more prospects. Create a game out of the process.

4. Smile while you dial. The tone of your voice and word choice both change based on your own feelings and facial expressions. Be happy and love your job and the people on the other end of the phone will take notice.

5. Call the CEO. Always call the CEO. They are the masters of every other department and if a call or email gets forwarded from them down to a VP or Dept. manager it is much more likely to get responded to then coming in through an analyst or associate with the firm.

6. Set the table. This is a point Brian Tracy makes in the book, "Eat That Frog." Sit down every night and take 20 minutes to plan out your work for the next day. Break the day into 30 minute sessions of complete focus completing your most important tasks before most people even get to work in the morning.

7. Prepare a standard email that you send out before you call. Anyone can send a great follow up email to a phone call, the trick is getting the prospect on the phone in the first place. Don't have them not take your call because they do not know who you are. Email the prospect introducing yourself and why you would like to have a 5 minute conversation in 3-5 sentences or less and call 10 minutes after sending the email out.

- Richard

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Unknown said...

Doesn't it look bad on your part if you're sending an e-mail, and then almost immediately calling the prospect? Cold calling is tough, but what's the likelihood that the prospect has actually read that e-mail prior to your call? Does it look worse if your prospect gets your call, and then reads the e-mail asking permission after your call?

Richard Wilson said...

Many of the people I call on (CIOs and successful financial reps) are constantly monitoring their email via their blackberries or they are at their computer with Outlook running. If they are not doing either of those things they are probably too busy to answer the phone too. I have found the #1 reason people don't take my calls is because they don't know who I am or what possible I could provide them or their firm, by explaining this upfront in a very short email I give them an introduction as to what my call will be about. I think it would only be bad if I tried to engage the prospect separately over both email and then the phone within 15 minutes of each other. That looks desperate.

What has your experience been?

Feel free to add a couple more rules or tips on cold calling here if you have something unique.

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