Marketing to CEOs

Marketing to CEOs

Targeting CEOs For Marketing and Sales

Targeting CEOs For Marketing and SalesWhen networking or selling there are many advantages for targeting the CEO as your first point of contact. Obviously most CEOs are being cold called and emailed on a daily basis so this is not a new technique to closing a sale or landing a job.

The reason I am writing this blog entry is because I was just reminded of the power of contacts CEOs. I recently sent out 10 networking emails to a very prestigious investment firm on wall street. Nobody replied. During the same day I read an article about the president of a major private equity shop leaving his post to start his own company. I emailed him directly and he responded within24 hours saying to send him my resume and he would give me a call so we could meet.

I believe it was dumb luck that he actually saw and replied to my email but even if all 11 people had replied this president who will soon be starting his own firm is worth 20x the value of those other contacts I reached out to. I believe 80% of your valuable contacts will be leading executives or CEOs of small and influential or large and powerful organizations. It might not make sense for where you are at right now but I will always be asking myself.

How many CEOs did you reach out to today?

- Richard

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