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Many people spend over 5 hours every week reading or watching the news. That is a lot of time. I have read a lot of articles of the past couple of years that suggest you should go on either a news fast and ignore all news so you can focus on results or go on a news binge and use the collection of almost random topics and trends help you get up to speed on what people are looking for and thinking about.

My best suggestion? Turn off your t.v. If you read or watch local news minimize it to the point where you just scan headlines to make sure you don't miss anything vital. National, world, and industry specific news seem to be the most important and valuable. I subscribe to 10 industry specific newsletters and flip through the WSJ on my way to work to keep up on new developments. I would also highly recommend a news editorial service such as the Fierce Finance Newsletter. They add some commentary to the news and pick out the highlights for you from sources such as the WSJ.

- Richard

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