Capital Raising Methods & Focus

Capital Raising Methods and Focus

Below is a paragraph excerpt from a book I am writing on hedge funds, which will be published through Wiley in 2010.  It shares some advice on targeting different types of investors.  While other consultants in the industry charge $250-$400/hr to provide this advice to hedge fund managers I give it away here on my blog for free and soon in my book because my business is based on being a source of genuine education and valuable resources instead of just press releases and news re-runs.  If you are looking for more free advice on capital raising please see our Hedge Fund Marketing & Sales Guide or  

The method by which Tassini Capital Management was raising capital was not effective. In addition to not using an Investor Relationship Management System the team had somewhat randomly been approaching many different types of investors from large European banks to small seed capital providers. The third party marketing firm consulted Chris and Brian Tassini and found that they were both un-willing to part with equity ownership in the management company of the fund in exchange for capital. They also reviewed past notes and confirmed that all efforts to work through institutional investment consultants had been stalled due to sub $100M AUM levels.

The result was a much more focused method of systematically approaching a mix of investors which included 10% institutional investment consultants, 50% wealth management firms, 20% multi-family offices, and 20% high net worth individuals. While institutional investment consultants were not going to invest any time soon they were kept in the mix so that the team could continue to receive valuable institutionalization feedback from the consultants.

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