5 Unique Hedge Fund Marketing Tactics (1 of 5)

Marketing Tactics

Unique Fund Marketing Tactics (1/5)

This is part 1 of a 5 part series on unique hedge fund marketing tactics that managers should investigate further while attempting to raise capital for their funds, please click here for part 2 of this series. Before taking any of these actions please consult with your compliance and legal counsel for confirmation that you are able to use these methods to market your specific fund.

Public Relations Management - Public relations has to be one of the most ignored marketing tools of hedge fund managers today. I have worked with over three dozen hedge funds on their marketing plans and capital raising efforts. So far, the most intense public relations effort I have seen set forth was a single press release over a four year period. This is not to say that any hedge fund that is not publishing at least 4 press releases per year is doing something wrong. However, many could benefit by simply making themselves more available to the press.

The media is hungry for real time opinions of hedge fund managers, traders and marketers. They need comments on current market conditions, trends in hiring and firing of traders and portfolio managers and what prospects lay ahead for the industry as a whole.

Many hedge fund managers shy away from contributing to stories in the press. I would strongly encourage you to speak with your legal counsel and see if they would approve of your discussions with the media if you stick to industry trends, general market trends and long-term movements you are seeing within the industry.

Top 4 Tips for Taking Advantage of Public Relations for your Hedge Fund:
  1. Speak to your legal counsel to check on exactly what you can say or not say to the press.
  2. Develop a list of 10-15 targeted publications which you would like to appear in. Identify the editor of financial columns within that publication or news source and introduce yourself to them as a resource.
  3. Speak at public events, conferences, networking events and other places in the industry where you will be heard not only by others in the industry but probably a few members of the press as well.
  4. Consider writing a book on your insights and experience. Many professionals in the hedge fund industry are often interviewed on TV after they have published a book on a specific topic in the hedge fund industry, such as regulation or quantitative trading. Yes, writing a book sounds extreme to many who are already working 50 hours a week but that is also why it would be so effective to consider doing so. Those with the time and skills to write well are often not the same with those who have the experience and insight to write something unique and valuable.
I am not an expert in public relations but if you need some names or online resources feel free to shoot me an email. Please stay tuned for additional posts within this hedge fund marketing series.

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