Hedge Fund Marketing Hurdles

Hedge Fund Marketing Hurdles

We recently held a 1/2 day hedge fund marketing training seminar in New York City as part of our Hedge Fund Marketing Mechanics series.  Here we covered in-depth hedge fund marketing tactics, strategies, competitive edges, tools, and innovative marketing materials.

During the event I saw a common trend of what seemed to be tripping up hedge fund managers who were trying to raise capital.  Most of their challenges revolved around these two marketing hurdles:
  • Not enough time, staff, or interest from third party marketers who have an interest in marketing their type or hedge fund with their level of current AUM
  • Not enough checklists, training, internal processes, and best practices developed to make sure the fund marketing process is consistent and will eventually churn out new investor and sources of capital
We will be addresses these hurdles within our future Hedge Fund Marketing Mechanics seminars and within an upcoming Hedge Fund Marketing FAQ webinar that we will be hosting.  

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