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Hedge Fund Marketing

Powers Words to Raise Capital With

I was recently at a Eben Pagan training session on marketing and during a session at that event we focused in on power words to use in copywriting.

Copywriting Definition: The use of powerful and persuasive writing in marketing to get your prospect to action. 

During this session Eben shows us the results of a college study which showed that the following words are some of the most powerful in the entire human language:
  • You
  • Money
  • Results
  • Save
  • New
  • Easy
  • Love
  • Discovery
  • Health
  • Proven
  • Guarantee
  • Free
How many of these words are relevant for hedge fund marketing activities? Many.  The truth is that copywriting is an after-thought at best within our industry so if you can incorporate some of these words within a way that doesn't come off as "Salesy" than you could do very well by having far more engaging marketing materials than your competitors.   Some practical applications of power words in your marketing could include:
  • Team bios
  • Pitch Books
  • Email subject lines (big one)
  • Voicemails
  • One pager headline or description pieces
  • Book & Whitepaper titles
Obviously throwing words randomly into a title or subject line is not going to increase the response is you sound like everyone else in the industry so as usual it is not a cure-all for raising capital but it definitely can help.  

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