Presuppositions: How to Use a Presupposition

Today we are going to talk about presupposition, this is something tha may be used to help write a newsletter, email, or elevator pitch...and it is from the world of Neural Linguistic Programming (NLP) and it is very applicable to day to day business marketing and sales activities.

Presupposition can be defined as the way of marketing in which you assume that the audience is going to be buying into your ideas. For example we are coming out with a Capital Raising DVD Training program next year which we haven’t named yet, below is a marketing pitch for this using the presupposition approach”

Example:  The Capital Raising DVD product consists of 6 DVDs, a workbook, a cheat sheet, 2 audio CDs and flash cards. After you have purchased the product we will email you your membership details and you may begin using our training materials online. It will then take approximately 6 days to receive your box of training materials in the mail. Once these materials are received you will have the option of using the hard copy materials or the digital copies available online.

Note:  Many times in the paragraph I referred to actions the person “would take,” I did not refer to actions that the person might take or “might take if they decide to purchase.” The importance here is assuming they will be purchasing your product, if you have something truly valuable then you will be speaking directly to individuals who will in fact buy your product. The power of this thinking is that it helps build momentum towards making the sale, it moves them closer to completing the order form.

Warning: If you do not have a good relationship with your list or are you brand new to the industry the over-use of this tactic can come off as cheap and look like hucksterism, use it lightly. Also, this tactic is not a magic bullet which when used means you can ignore standard copywriting, risk removal, product samples, and testimonials. This is one of 20-30 tactics which when all used together raises the response you may receive from traffic on a website or mailings sent to a list.

I hope this post helped, we will be writing many more like this over the next few months.

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