The Power of Focus

Power of Focus

Below is a quote I used while speaking with an investment fund manager last week that was looking to raise capital, they were doing so by approaching every investor they could possibly speak to.  They were explaining how their firm has so little resources compared to their $1B competitors.

“You can take a $5 disposable camera and take it out of the box, stand 10 feet from a building and take a great picture that will be developed and look good if not great. You could stand in that same position with a $10,000 camera with every gadget, lens, and a tripod and it will not take as good of a picture if you do not do one thing, focus.”
                                                                    - Brian Tracy

The Point: You can beat your competition with a smaller staff, with less financial resources, and less experience if you just learn to focus. Focus on your top prospect investors, focus on local potential investors, and focus exclusively on the types of investors which are most likely to make allocations to your fund. If you can dial-in on these three areas your hot prospect list, local investors and the right investor mix (family offices, wealth management, pension funds, etc.), than you can really cover a lot of ground quickly.

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