Importance of Copywriting for Capital Raising

Copywriting for Capital Raising

Before starting this article I want to quickly define what copywriting is. Copywriting is the use of words to promote a person, business, opinion or idea.

Copywriting is the most undervalued and overlooked tool that a marketer or sales professional can develop.  Many professionals value cold calling skills, networking, branding, or public relations skills but I think that copywriting skills are the most valuable.

Top 5 Reasons Copywriting for Capital Raising is Important:

  1. The headline of your letters, subject line of your emails, and first few words of your speeches are the most important.  Crafting a great headline can take hours to complete, but make the difference between  being shown to others and never being noticed.
  2. Many hedge funds, family offices, and private equity groups spend over $20,000 worth of their and money on their marketing materials ever year, yet 95% are decisions are based on what's always been done or what sounds good instead of A/B testing results to find what is effective.
  3. Every investment fund markets itself using emails and investor letters. Without copywriting skills you may not only be failing to connect with your audience but you could actually be turning them off and pushing clients away. 
  4. Investment funds of all types are started by successful traders and portfolio managers, very few are started only by marketers.  By this nature of how the business if founded and grown niche marketing practices such as copywriting are often overlooked or seen as something that they are above.
  5. 99% of your competitors are not using copywriting best practices

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