Hedge Fund Job

Hedge Fund Job

Hedge Fund Job Resources

hedge fund jobEmail: Richard, What resources do you have on your blog related to getting a hedge fund job?

Here are some relevant articles:
- Richard

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Hedge Fund Investors

Hedge Fund Investors

Attracting Hedge Fund Investors

hedge fund investorsI recently received this email...

Richard, I am involved in the management of a new hedge fund that we started last year. Our hedge fund's strategy is a combination of stock and derivatives. Our goal is 30%+ growth per year, and thus far, we are right on track. What I wanted to ask you is this: Are these types of earnings competitive within the hedge fund world? If we continue with this kind of performance, would this type of growth be attractive to third party marketers?

John, If you could sustain 20%+ returns over 5,7 and 10 years and show positive growth during quarters of negative equity market performance it will help. The incentives in the hedge fund world favor those that are long-term greedy not quarter-to-quarter or year-by-year short term greedy. The trick is consistency. It is better to have a 28% returns for 10 years than 100% returns for 3. You will be attractive to many groups, including some third party marketing firms if you have a deeply experienced team, understandable and repeatable investment process, solid returns, good portfolio risk controls and a sound business behind all of this. A recent report showed that institutional investors look very closely at the risk management controls in place for both the portfolios being managed and the hedge fund business itself.

Here is a direct link to the article mentioned above: Institutional Hedge Fund Marketing

Interested in hedge fund marketing? Read dozens of more hedge fund marketing & sales articles along with details on third party marketing within the Hedge Fund Marketing Guide.

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Hedge Fund Best Practices

Hedge Fund Best Practices

Hedge Fund Best Practices Comparison

I am taking a poll to see how many people would be interested in seeing a full gap analysis and overview of the differences between the President's Working Group and the Hedge Fund Standard's Board best practices recommendations. I have a hedge fund regulation guru friend from the UK who has offered to help me write this piece in great detail if there is a strong interest in this subject.

If you would like to see a detailed article analyzing these two best practices recommendations please note your response within the new poll that I have posted to the right of this article on my hedge fund Blog. If you are viewing this article via email please click here to see the web version and vote. Thank you for the input.

- Richard

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Hedge Fund Salaries

Hedge Fund Salaries

Recent Hedge Fund Salaries Article

Hedge Fund Salaries
One of the most popular economics blogs today is The Big Picture which recently published a story on hedge fund salaries. Last year each of the top 10 earners brought home over $500M each 5 hedge fund managers earning over $1B in profits.

I happen to agree with The Big Picture's take on this issue which you can read about here if you have a minute.

- Richard

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Appraisal Ratio

Appraisal Ratio

Appraisal Ratio Definition

The appraisal ratio is use by fund of fund portfolio managers or hedge fund consultants but is less often seen on a standard 1-2 page hedge fund analytics reports. You find the Appraisal Ratio by taking the alpha of the hedge fund portfolio and dividing it by the non-systematic risk of the portfolio. The result is a ratio that measures the abnormal returns per unit of risk that could at least in principle be diversified away by holding a market index portfolio.

Want to learn more about the Appraisal Ratio?
  • Journal Article using the Appraisal Ratio to look at Japanese Equities
  • PowerPoint Presentation on Ratios, including the Appraisal Ratio
  • Investment analytics report discussing the use of the Appraisal and other portfolio management ratios

Read dozens of additional articles like this within the guide to Hedge Fund Terms.

- Richard

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Hedge Hunters by Katherine Burton

Hedge Hunters

Hedge Hunters by Katherine Burton

Hedge Hunters by Katherine BurtonDuring my recent travels to London, I quickly finished this very enjoyable read of the hedge fund industry’s movers and shakers. Hedge Hunters: Hedge Fund Masters and the Rewards, the Risk and the Reckoning, which provides an overview of the hedge fund industry, gives an in-depth look at the behind the scenes of the world’s largest and most successful hedge funds, as of the summer of 2007. The book presents interviews with some of the leading portfolio managers from hedge funds over the last twenty-five or so years.

The book’s author, Katherine Burton, is a Bloomberg reporter and has followed the hedge fund industry for years. For this book, she gained unprecendeted access to the some of the most influential inner circles within the world’s powerful hedge fund industry, as well as the global financial sector at large.

Below is Publisher’s Weekly account of the book, which I thought was appropriate:

Like other books profiling hedge fund managers , this one promises unprecedented candor and a view behind tightly closed doors, but some of the 23 managers profiled gave similar interviews in books such as Market Wizards, The New Investment Superstars and Inside the House of Money, and some have written books of their own. Bloomberg News reporter Burton does break new ground by profiling 13 up-and-coming managers selected by 10 acknowledged leaders and legends. Compared with other authors, she is more interested in the personal and business qualities needed to build a successful asset management business than in pure trading ability. She concentrates on stock pickers rather than others, such as hedge fund managers who trade in nonequity markets. But the interviews tend to be soft: we learn about the managers’ boyish good looks, telephone ring tones, rapper friends and art collections, among other personal details. When conversations turn to trading, the managers usually supply anecdotes of successful trades, often with tension as the market initially moves against them. This is a pleasant and well-written book for readers interested in the people and business of hedge funds, rather than their investment techniques.

I agree that some of the material in Burton’s book is not new to some, but for those who have never read extensively about the hedge fund industry or followed this small, incestuous community closely, it is an invaluable introduction to this sub-world in the overall global financial community. While the hedge fund industry makes up a relatively small portion of the total financial sector in terms of size and money, this community has become finance’s own little conspiracy group, primarily due to the fact that the hedge fund sector and the people involved therein are highly secretive and typically opposed to discussing their professional activities, strategies and results.

Compared to the world of investment banking or private equity, one can barely get their hands around the volume of open access information that is available; however, the hedge fund community has remained fairly contained, almost acting like a small fraternity or even secret society of financial wizards that have considerable affects on the markets.

Overall, the book is a very easy read and it keeps the reader’s attention well as it gets to the point of the individual chapters, which follow a different portfolio manager or hedge fund, providing good background and insight from face-to-face interviews with the individuals.

While not exactly thought provoking and intellectually stimulating, this is an entertaining read that is also very informative and well-written and organized for those who have an interest in learning more about the hedge fund industry and the individuals who dominate it.

Ultimately, this book isn’t going to sway anyone’s views of hedge funds to the other side, not that the author is attempting to do that. If you have a detestation for hedge funds, based on whatever dislikes that might include, then the information in this book will only further your disdain. If you are enamored with the supposed prestige and glamour that is sometimes associated with hedge funds or if you have the desire to work for or run a hedge fund, then you will probably enjoy the book and take in the information. However, if you’re that interested in the discussion, much of the information will likely not be very new to you. Still, it is an easy and entertaining read, which most finance enthusiasts should enjoy, whether they like hedge fund managers and the hedge fund industry or not. I will also point out that since the nature of the interviews can get personal, the reader is able to see (in some cases) the softer sides of asset managers, perhaps demistifying their characters, as many have been lambasted by the media and industry insiders in the past.

On the negative side, I think Burton introduces some of the issues, operations and strategies related to hedge funds in a somewhat general manner, sometimes missing the mark completely. I realize that it is difficult to dive into in-depth, complicated hedge fund strategies in the amount of space of the book and still keep the reader’s attention, but I think there are some more macro-level issues related to the hedge fund industry that could have been addressed in the book, which I won’t bother going into here. Perhaps that wasn’t the point or maybe that’s for her next book, but it’s just my observation.

by guest blogger Mark Reiboldt

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Investment Book Reviews

Investment Books

Hedge Fund & Alternative Investment Book Reviews

Investment BooksSince starting this blog last year I have published several reviews of books that either directly discusses alternative investments or presents powerful business lessons which can be directly applied to the hedge fund industry. I will continue to do so and will use this page to organize all of these book reviews in one place. If you have read a great book and don't see it below please send me an email with your book summary and I will publish it here on my Hedge Fund Consulting Blog.

Read dozens of additional articles related to Hedge Fund Jobs by visiting the Hedge Fund Employment Guide.

- Richard

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The Black Swan

The Black Swan

The Black Swan Book Review

The Black SwanBook Review of The Black Swan written by Nassim Nicholas Taleb The Black Swan is one of the most fascinating, most challenging and most thought-prevoking books I have ever read. Let me point out, before going any further, that my interest in this book started as a trendy thing, because it seems this is a popular book to read by investors and traders. However, that quickly faded, and I became very interested in the actual material and arguments that Taleb was making.

One of the best things about this book is that every page is a challenge (for me, at least). It isn’t challenging to follow (in fact, it’s very simple), but the material is just personally challenging, because it will make you completely change your way of approaching a topic without you even thinking about it.

Taleb is a Wharton-trained quant with trading floor experience. Now, he promotes himself as more philosopher than finance guru, although, rumor has it he’s still pretty involved in investing activities. He also advises corporations, as well as the U.S. government, including DOD and the State Department.

Overall, this is a great read, but it’s also one of those books that even if you don’t have the same mindset as the author, the way he presents the material in the text can make you take a completely different approach to considering various issues that we face everyday.
My recommendation for this book has nothing to do with the fact that it has become a fad within investor circles and the financial/hedge fund world. My recommendation for The Black Swan is based on its ability to transcend traditional and conventional ways of thinking, while at the same time, stay entertaining as the subject matter gets deeper and deeper.

Enjoy this book review? Read a few more by visiting our Investment Book Reviews Directory.

by guest blogger Mark Reiboldt

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Best Prime Broker

Best Prime Broker

Top 12 Tips for Choosing a Prime Broker

Best Prime BrokerQuick Link: List of Hedge Fund Prime Brokers

Prime brokers offer a group of services to hedge funds that include lending securities, financing leverage, cash management and more.

Who is the best prime broker? I have gotten that question a few times and never really know how to answer without knowing much about the hedge fund they run.

I thought these tips might help those looking for the "best" prime brokerage firm for their hedge fund business. If you haven't already seen it I have also recently created a list of prime brokerage services to explain what a prime broker does.

Here are the 12 tips summarized from a PDF by Richard Lindsey on choosing a prime broker.

  1. Choose an experienced, proven prime broker who knows what you do
  2. Choose a prime broker who realizes the risks of your strategy, and understands its own exposure
  3. Choose a prime broker who promises to introduce you to investors, not to Raise Capital
  4. Choose a prime broker who is capable of providing various ways to leverage
  5. Choose a prime broker with a strong global securities lending presence
  6. Choose a prime broker who offers multiple ways to trade
  7. Choose a prime broker who has extensive product capability
  8. Choose a prime broker who has a demonstrated technological capabilities
  9. Choose a prime broker who can manage cash holdings
  10. Choose a prime broker who has a strong and experienced operations office
  11. Choose a primer broker who has a experienced and knowledgeable customer service staff
  12. Choose a primer broker who is dedicated to the prime brokerage services business.

- Richard

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Birthday Request

Birthday Request

Hedge Fund Blog Birthday RequestToday is my birthday and instead of defining a term, strategy or commenting on an interesting hedge fund due diligence article I would simply like to step back and get some straight from the hip feedback from you, my reader. If you have 20 seconds to spare could you send me 2 sentences answering the following 3 questions? ( Richard@RichardCWilson.com )

  1. What is missing from my hedge fund blog?

  2. What should I stop doing?

  3. What should I never stop doing?

Thank you very much for your help and support. Interacting with everyone from hedge fund managers in Vietnam to prime brokers in San Francisco is what makes this fun. I appreciate the feedback. My email address is Richard@RichardCWilson.com.

- Richard

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R Squared

R Squared

What is R Squared?

R SquaredAre you looking for the definition of R Squared or an interpretation for the R Squared value for your hedge fund or other type of investment portfolio? Here is a quick run down on what R Squared is...

R-Squared = coefficient in a statistical analysis that allows the observer to see how effective one variable is at forecasting another variable. The higher the R-squared the more effective one variable is at forecasting another. If the R-Squared is 0.0 then one variable has nothing in common with the other. To simplify, an example where R- Squared would be zero is that the population of the United States has nothing to do with what the type of food the population of likes to eat. On the other hand an example of a higher R-Squared could be correlation of gas price to number of fuel efficient automobiles sold. R squared is used to show correlation between a single or group of variables and a specific outcome. The higher the R Squared = the greater the correlation between the variables and the outcome.

Additional Resources on R Squared:
  1. Russell Definition R Squared - Includes R Squared Formula

Read dozens of additional articles like this within the guide to Hedge Fund Terms.

- Richard

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Sharpe Ratio

Sharpe Ratio

Sharpe Ratio Definition

Sharpe Ratio
The Sharpe Ratio was created to measure performance after being adjusted for risk. The Sharpe Ratio allows investors to determine how returns were obtained whether it’s due to excess risk assumed on the asset or hedge fund portfolio or if returns were obtained through intelligent planned investment selections. If a portfolio or asset has a high Sharpe ratio then that portfolio or asset has returns that were very successfully risk-adjusted.

Sharpe ratio measures risk to reward ratio and whether the returns of a specific asset or portfolio have properly compensated for the amount of risk undertaken. The higher the Sharpe Ratio = returns are more and more risk adjusted = desirable

Want something more meaty? Here is a whitepaper on the Sharpe Ratio by William Sharpe himself.

Read dozens of additional articles like this within the guide to Hedge Fund Terms.

- Richard

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Hedge Funds Database

Hedge Funds Database

Q&A: Hedge Funds Database Submissions

Hedge Funds Database
I got this hedge funds database related email yesterday afternoon and it is a question that often comes from either startup hedge funds or established hedge funds that want to make sure they are on the radar of all the big hedge funds databases.

Richard, I've been reading your blog for 4-5 months now and I run a
global macro hedge fund based in New York. I have a quick question for you. In which databases should we be posting our hedge fund performance figures in?

I would makes sure your hedge fund performance data and portfolio construction process are detailed within these databases:
  • Cogent Hedge
  • HedgeFund.net
  • Eurekahedge
  • HedgeCo.net
  • Investor Force
  • Mercer
  • Morningstar
- Richard

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Film Funding

Film Funding

Hedge Fund Film / Movie Funding

Film FundingDoes anyone have a list of hedge funds whose investment strategy is to invest in film funding projects? I have only met one of these types of hedge fund managers in the past and not sure many of them even exist.

I have gotten a few dozen emails from producers and studios who ask me if these types of hedge funds exist. I thought there might be a few hedge fund managers based in LA who fund films. If you know or have a list my email is Richard@Richardcwilson.com

- Richard

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Tags: Film Funding, independent film funding, film fund, short film funding, movie funding, documentary film funding, funding for film, movie funds, film grants, funding movies

Sortino Ratio

Sortino Ratio

Sortino Ratio Definition

Sortino RatioSortino Ratio: The sortino ratio that is used to measure the return of a certain hedge fund portfolio or a specific asset after becoming adjusted for risk. Basically, Sortino Ratio is a revised version of Sharpe’s Ratio because it only negatively affects the returns that fall below a required rate of return of the portfolio or specific asset being measured. (Sharpe’s ratio positively and negatively affects returns)

Sortino Ratio Formula = R – T / D

R = Return on asset or portfolio

T = Required Rate of Return

D = Downside Risk

Here is the bio of Frank Sortino.

Read dozens of additional articles like this within the guide to Hedge Fund Terms.

- Richard

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Top Performing Hedge Funds

Top Performing Hedge Funds

Top Performing Hedge Funds of 2007

Top Performing Hedge Funds
If you took a quick look at my recent hedge fund performance article or have been following recent news you know that some hedge funds have been fairing very well throughout current market conditions.

The following is Barron's ranking of the world's best performing hedge funds:

1. Hedge Fund: Passport II Global
Company: Passport Capital
2007 Return: 219.44%

2. Hedge Fund: Dynamic Power
Company: Goodman & Company
2007 Return: 38.60%

3. Hedge Fund: Paulson Enhanced
Company: Paulson & Co.
2007 Return: 129.13%

4. Hedge Fund: Balestra Capital Partners
Company: Balestra Capital
2007 Return: 199.14%

5. Hedge Fund: Renaissance Technologies Medallion Fund
Company: Renaissance Technologies
2007 Return: 73.70%

6. Hedge Fund: Metage Special Emerging Market
Company: HIG Capital
2007 Return: 61.65%

7. Hedge Fund: Atticus European
Company: Atticus Management
2007 Return: 27.86%

8. Hedge Fund: Harbinger Capital Partners Flagship Fund
Company: Harbinger Capital Partners
2007 Return: 116.10%

9. Hedge Fund: The Children's Investment Fund
Company: The Children's Investment Fund Management
2007 Return: 37.59%

10. Hedge Fund: Aisling Analytics Pte Ltd Merchant Commodity Fund
Company: Aisling Analytics Pte
2007 Return: 36.91%

11. Hedge Fund: Blackhorse Emerging Enterprises Fund
Company: Blackhorse Asset Mangement Pte.
2007 Return: 26.16%

12. Hedge Fund: Sabre Fund
Company: Mathews Capital Partners
2007 Return: 105.16%

13. Hedge Fund: Global Emerging Markets Fund (USD)
Company: Nevsky Capital
2007 Return: 40.72%

14. Hedge Fund: Long-Term Investment Fund (SIA) (USD)
Company: Strategic Investment Advisors
2007 Return: 46.20%

15. Hedge Fund: Zweig-DiMenna International
Company: Zweig-DiMenna International Managers
2007 Return: 79.10%

16. Hedge Fund: Polar Capital Paragon Absolute Return Fund (GBP)
Company: Polar Capital Partners
2007 Return: 15.76%

17. Hedge Fund: Eastern Advisors
Company: Eastern Advisors
2007 Return: 91.60%

18. Hedge Fund: Paulson Advantage
Company: Paulson & Co.
2007 Return: 94.77%

19. Hedge Fund: Value Partners Classic Fund
Company: Value Partners
2007 Return: 41.10%

20. Hedge Fund: SR Global Fund Class C - International Portfolio
Company: Sloane Robinson
2007 Return: 40.70%

21. Hedge Fund: Libra Fund
Company: Libra Advisors
2007 Return: 40.81%

22. Hedge Fund: Horseman Global Fund - Class A (USD)
Company: Horseman Capital Management
2007 Return: 32.93%

23. Hedge Fund: Nevsky Fund Limited - Class A (USD)
Company: Nevsky Capital
2007 Return: 29.77%

24. Hedge Fund: Blenheim Fund
Company: Blenheim Capital Management
2007 Return: 16.49%

25. Hedge Fund: SR Global Fund Class G - Emerging Mkts Portfolio
Company: Sloane Robinson
2007 Return: 33.80%

Read more articles like this within the Hedge Fund Performance Category of this hedge fund blog.

- Richard

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Prime Brokerage Services

Prime Brokerage Services

Prime Brokerage Services List

Prime Brokerage Services

Quick Link: List of Hedge Fund Prime Brokers

I have gotten many questions from professionals in the hedge fund industry regarding prime brokerage services for hedge funds. I couldn't easily find a list of services that prime brokerage shops offer so here is a non-exhaustive but growing list of services that I know some prime brokerage firms provide to their hedge fund manager clients.

  • Lending Securities

  • Hedge Fund Startup Services

  • Accessing local shares abroad

  • Cash Management

  • Capital Introductions - Asset Raising

  • Real Estate Identification or Office Space - Hedge Fund hotels

  • Access to Hedge Fund Lawyers focussing on hedge fund clients

  • Headhunting & talent identification to help build portfolio management teams

  • Third Party Marketing Due Diligence

  • Clearance & Custody of Assets

  • Portfolio Reporting

  • Branding & Marketing

  • IT Consultations

  • Compliance & Risk Management

- Richard

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Hedge Fund Videos | 30+ Free Videos on Hedge Funds