Best Prime Broker

Best Prime Broker

Top 12 Tips for Choosing a Prime Broker

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Prime brokers offer a group of services to hedge funds that include lending securities, financing leverage, cash management and more.

Who is the best prime broker? I have gotten that question a few times and never really know how to answer without knowing much about the hedge fund they run.

I thought these tips might help those looking for the "best" prime brokerage firm for their hedge fund business. If you haven't already seen it I have also recently created a list of prime brokerage services to explain what a prime broker does.

Here are the 12 tips summarized from a PDF by Richard Lindsey on choosing a prime broker.

  1. Choose an experienced, proven prime broker who knows what you do
  2. Choose a prime broker who realizes the risks of your strategy, and understands its own exposure
  3. Choose a prime broker who promises to introduce you to investors, not to Raise Capital
  4. Choose a prime broker who is capable of providing various ways to leverage
  5. Choose a prime broker with a strong global securities lending presence
  6. Choose a prime broker who offers multiple ways to trade
  7. Choose a prime broker who has extensive product capability
  8. Choose a prime broker who has a demonstrated technological capabilities
  9. Choose a prime broker who can manage cash holdings
  10. Choose a prime broker who has a strong and experienced operations office
  11. Choose a primer broker who has a experienced and knowledgeable customer service staff
  12. Choose a primer broker who is dedicated to the prime brokerage services business.

- Richard

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