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CFA Level 1 2 & 3 Candidate Job Guide

The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation brings with a multitude of CFA job opportunities within the financial world. There many available jobs to a CFA within various industries though out the world as well as the opportunity to work for the CAF Institute itself in many possible capacities.

CFA Jobs vary greatly in scope and size. Some of the more typical jobs CFA’s have are portfolio manager, financial/securities/investment analyst, financial analyst, senior financial analyst, vice president of finance, chief financial officer, and corporate financial analyst. Where the true variation of available work is through the industries a CFA charterholder has access to. Some of the top providers of CFA jobs are companies, private practices and firms, foundations and trusts, non-profit organizations, state and local governments, self employed CFA’s, hospitals, the federal government, franchises, colleges and universities, and schools and school districts.

Within the CFA institute, a CFA charted holder would have job possibilities in education, member and society coordination, interactive and external relationships, marketing and communication, finance and technical support, information technology, human resources, and within the office of general counsel. An educational job could be a testing coordinator while a member and society position might be society relations. Within the interactive and external relationships area, one might find themselves as head of industry relations or a web developer within that division. The marketing and communication division employs many client service representatives. Finance and technical support has jobs that concentrate on risk management and tax analysts. Information technology positions are mostly geared around wed support and development. Human resources concentrate on the acquisition on new talent for the CFA institute. So as you can see, within the CFA institute there are job opportunities in any area of expertise one may have in the business world.

Most CFA jobs concentrate within an analyst type position. These analysts concentrate on things such as insurance, hedge fund risk, quantitative measures, modeling, liquidity, and derivatives. The greatest impact of earning the CFA designation is the demonstration it shows of an individual to take serious stake within their career. Many CFA jobs are offered by previous CFA charterholders which expect a similar level of dedication from their employees.

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