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CFA InstituteThe Chartered Financial Analyst Institute is the non-profit organization of investment professionals that awards the CFA and CIPM designations. The chartered financial analyst institute has a worldwide presence of more than 90,000 voting members and 135 societies through the world. The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Institute offers educational programs and services to not only members but also program candidates, investors, institutions, employers, and the press. Beyond the CFA and CIPM educational programs, the institute offers continuing education opportunities and publications. The CFA institute is a strong supporter of ethics within the industry and maintains a high level of integrity through professional conduct programs. The chartered financial analyst institute also offers career and networking services to both members and non-members. These range from a career centre and jobline to conferences and seminars held throughout the world.

The CFA institute itself came from a merger of the Institute of chartered financial analysts (ICFA) and the financial analyst federation (FAF).The ICFA and FAF formed the Association for Investment Management and Research (AIMR) in 1999. The name was formally changed in 2004 to the CFA institute.

The CFA institutes mission is “To lead the investment profession globally by setting the highest standards of ethics, education, and professional excellence.” The institute challenges itself and it’s members to achieve this mission through a strategy which will ultimately build the CFA institute into the industry leader in credentials, ethics, and integrity. Ethics and a high standard of professional conduct are a cornerstone of the CAF institute. Members must sign a conduct statement annually which discloses and alleged violations of the code of conduct and candidates must submit a conduct statement as a part of each examination.

To become a member of the CFA institute, a prospective members must complete a four-step application process. A prospective member must first meet the preliminary requirements of passing Level 1 of the CFA Exam or a self-administered ethics exam if he/she is not a CFA candidate. The second step is to apply for membership. In the third step, the CFA institute and society reviews the application. The final step is to pay membership dues to the CFA institute. There are three types of membership: regular, CFA charterholder, and affiliate. The CFA institute chooses which level of membership a member will have based on qualifications and credentials. The entire review process usually takes between 10-12 weeks.

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