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A Chartered Financial Analyst’s (CFA) salary will obviously vary based upon job type, years of experience, employer type, and various other factors. The best way to get a feel for a chartered financial analyst’s salary is to use averages within those broad fields not taking into account company size, experience, skills, degree, or location.

Using information gathered from payscale .com, the range of median salaries based upon job type is from $61,209 for a corporate financial analyst to $145,820 for a chief financial officer. The other positions were financial securities/investment analyst ($73,085), financial analyst ($62,457), senior financial analyst ($79,242), and vice president of finance ($131,700).

Now when examining a chartered financial analyst salary based upon years on experience, the scale is much more linear. A Chartered Financial Analyst with less than one year of experience reported a median salary of $51,046. A CFA with 1-4 years of experience had a salary of $63,898. CFA with 5-9 years of experience reported a median salary of $93,452. More senior CFA with 10-19 years of experience had a median salary of $119,309. The most experienced CFA with 20 years or more of experience had a median salary of $147,260.

Taking a look at the median salary by employer type allows a little more distinction. The range of salaries was $50,400 for someone working with a team employer to $100,000 for other organizations, non-profit organizations, or a school/school district employee. Within that range there were quite a few other examples of what a CFA can expect for a median salary based upon employer type. A Chartered Financial Analyst working for a private company had a median salary of $91,932. One working for a private practice/firm reported a median salary of $83,253. A CFA employed by a foundation or trust can expect a salary of $96,110. The median salary for a CFA employed by either state or local government is $83,000. A self-employed CFA reported a median salary of $80,000 as well as one employed by a hospital. A CFA working for the federal government had a median salary of $76,650. A Chartered financial analyst employed by a franchise can expect a median salary of $90,000. Lastly, the median salary for a CFA employed by a college/university was $86,500.

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