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Regent Global Funds

Regent Global Funds | Hedge Fund Notes

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Alternative investment fund and lender, Regent Global Funds (RGF), is reporting to its private investors a positive 8.76% annualized return for the first three quarters of 2008. With most major markets down over 30% for the same time period, this represents an average 38% difference in performance. When asked how RGF was able to generate a premium return when most fund managers were struggling to limit major losses to investor principal, Dominic Mazzone, Managing Partner, provided this answer, "We have always maintained a conservative model, and though it's a very difficult market, we have remained nimble enough to adjust our model to help preserve not only investor principal, but also premium returns. We have always been proponents of alternative investments being private, and I think the recent market crash has validated this." Michael Facchini, Managing Partner, added, "Being a small fund has great advantages, especially in a market like this where you need to be hands on with all of your loans and create solutions to prevent defaults before they occur. Due to the void in the credit markets, the demand for our type of lending is overwhelming. As opposed to loosening guidelines, we have made conservative changes to our valuation models to properly assess future opportunities so we may continue to provide steady, premium returns to our investors. In addition, we (the Managing Partners) are required to be personally invested in the fund, and I think it is clear that accountability breeds results."

About Regent Global Funds
Regent Global Funds is an Asset Based Lending Fund that operates like a commercial real estate bank, and in turn provides a private alternative investment to accredited investors and funds. The business model is structured to take in private money from accredited investors and funds, and place it over a diversified portfolio of niche commercial real estate loans that are originated, underwritten, and serviced by RGF. Regent Global Funds separates itself from similar investments by requiring the fund managers to be personally invested in the fund. Source

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