CAIA Study Tips | CAIA Test Study Materials Guide

CAIA Study Tips

CAIA Study Tips | CAIA Test Study Materials Guide

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Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) study tips can greatly improve a candidate’s chances of passing the exam. Some of the basic CAIA study tips to remember are to read every required reading all the way through, complete all the keywords and learning objectives in the study guide, and join a study group.

The Level I and Level II CAIA exams have many required readings and it may seem overwhelming for a candidate. The best way to get through all the required reading and not become bored with it is to follow the reading outlined in the study guide. The study guide directs candidates to read different sections from various books to complete chapters of the guide. This allows candidates to move from book to book and avoid becoming dulled by one particular reading. It is also vital to read each assigned section completely through and take thorough notes. The CAIA Exam tests on very minute details and taking good notes will allow the candidate to master the material.

Another CAIA study tip is to complete all the keywords and learning objectives in the study guide. Some of these may seem elementary to a candidate, but writing out the answers to each one and then becoming familiar with all the definitions and terms is crucial to understanding some of the more complex questions the examinations will ask.

The most crucial CAIA study tip is to join a study group. The successful candidates use the study group to bounce questions off other candidates. The exam topics/questions address many ideas that are formed from a group of learning objectives. A study group will allow candidates to form more meaningful learning methods and to push each other.

Self study seems to be an overwhelming choice for the level I examination. There are also classes and outside study materials available from Kaplan, Uppermark, EDHEC Asset management Education, and Institutional Investors Examprep. There’s a study guide as well a sample/practice exam available on the CAIA website as well.

For the Level II examination, candidates tend to use a combination of self study and outside study material. This is due to the essay material and the complexity of answers the candidate is expected to address on the essay section. For both levels I and II of the examination, candidates should check/measure their progress by using the CAIA practice exam provided on the website. This exam contains questions from previous tests and is a good indicator of the level of difficulty which the candidates will face when taking each examination.

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