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When preparing for the CFA examination, many candidates find it useful to engage in CFA discussion. This CFA discussion can be facilitated through a number of sources. The CFA institute homepage ( allows candidates to find CFA discussion on many different topics. There is also CFA discussion online through chatrooms, postings, and blogs. A great specific source for CFA discussion is Analyst Forum (

CFA study groups are also a great resource for CFA discussion.
The CFA institute website has a number of different CFA discussions available for review. Some of the discussions revolve around current trends in the marketplace and issues concerning CFA charterholders. This website is the hub for the CFA institute and a great place to gather loads of information concerning not only the CFA examinations, but the CFA institute itself, events, publications, the centre, cipm program, various societies, and member resources.The site offers a great historical background about how the CFA has developed into the organization it is today. There is also information outlining its mission, strategic objectives, jobs offered at the institute itself, annual reports, etc.CFA online will also be invaluable to current and future candidates of the CFA program. There are outlines of the exams, sample questions, and even a link to enroll for the program and/or next exam.
More specific CFA discussions can be found online through various chatrooms, postings, and blogs. These discussions tend to be more topic specific and can be based on everything to Exam I strategies to CFA jobs. These CFA discussions can be easily found using a search engine and the specific topic the CFA candidate would like to discuss.

One of the best sites for CFA discussions is This site has many different strings of postings and discussions concerning Levels I, II, and III of the exam. There are also many CFA discussions on relevant news and articles on the CFA exam itself. This site also has CFA discussions regarding finding other members to study with and preformed exam study groups one can search.

One of the best places for a CFA discussion is within a study group. These study groups allow an individual to not only discuss varying CFA topics but also to exchange examination preparation material and notes.

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