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Paskewitz Asset Management

Paskewitz Asset Management | Hedge Fund Notes

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Resource #1: (11.27.08) Paskewitz Asset Management is launching a master-feeder fund for its Contrarian S&P 500 Stock Index program, with an offshore fund launching Dec. 1, and an onshore version debuting Jan. 1.

The firm’s five-year old strategy is up 21.85% through October and an estimated 23% year-to-date. The strategy currently manages some $90 million.

The fully-systematic contrarian strategy invests exclusively in Standard & Poor’s 500 Index futures. It uses multiple models to forecast short- and intermediate-term tops and bottoms in the index, and then simultaneously generates trades, buying identified market bottoms, and selling identified tops.

"We believe that the contrarian nature of the strategy monetizes a fundamental inefficiency in human behavior," said Bradford Paskewitz, founder. "We are short-term value investors who exploit the herd-following behavior in the market based on investor greed, and especially lately, panic." Source

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