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CFA online is linked at . This website is the hub for the CAF institute and a great place to gather loads of information concerning not only the CAF examinations, but the CFA institute itself, events, publications, the centre, cipm program, various societies, and member resources.

The site offers a great historical background about how the CFA has developed into the organization it is today. There is also information outlining its mission, strategic objectives, jobs offered at the institute itself, annual reports, etc.

CFA online will also be invaluable to current and future candidates of the CFA program. There are outlines of the exams, sample questions, and even a link to enroll for the program and/or next exam. CFA online is also an excellent source for CAF charterholders to keep updated with upcoming events. There are multiple educational events available that offer charterholders ways to earn continuing education credits. CFA online can also direct one to the various publications that the CFA institute offers. There are periodicals, reviews, books, position papers and ethical standards, as well as CFA refresher readings. The CFA centre for financial market integrity promotes high standards of ethics within the investment community. CFA online allows views to find out how to inform investors, address the issues, and cover global markets.

The Certificate in Investment Performance Management (CIPM) is designed to train individuals to meet ethical industry standards. The CFA online gives in depth information on what the CIPM covers, how to achieve the designation, and frequently asked questions about the CIPM.
With 136 CFA societies worldwide, CFA online allows viewers to find a society close to them. The societies are a great way not only to network with other CFA charterholders and CFA members but also a great way to volunteer within one’s community. The local chapters allow people interested in becoming a CFA charterholder or member to get in touch with current members directly. The site provides numerous resources to its current members. There’s access to a job bank, a member’s directory, access to society events, career resources, and continuing education opportunities, among other things.

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