CAIA Preparation Notes | CAIA Exam Prep Guide

CAIA Preparation

CAIA Preparation Notes | CAIA Exam Prep Guide

Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) preparation notes vary from company to company. Although the CAIA does provide study guides that outline the material which will be contained on the exam, candidates will most likely use outside study material as well.

The CAIA preparation notes from the CAIA institute have topic outline followed by learning objectives in a chapter format. The Level I Outline is over 100 pages long while the level II outline is over 60. These should be thought of as the bare minimum to pass the exam. If you follow these outlines and finish all the readings, you have the knowledge to pass the exam in a broad sense.

The CAIA institute itself recommends some preparatory programs. Institutional investors ExamPrep, EDHEC asset management education, Uppermark, and Kaplan Schweser are all recommended by the CAIA institute on their website. Institutional investor offers software, harcopy notes, or a combination of both. EDHEC offers week long classes in Paris and London for those overseas who wish to take a preparatory class. Uppermark offers study handbooks, testbank software, flashcards & formula sheets, review courses offered both online and live, and study webinars. Kaplan Schweser offers premium and essential solutions hardcopy notes, a question bank, flashcards, and a weekly online program. They also offer 3, 4, 6, and 7 day classroom courses.

One of the best sources of CAIA preparation notes comes from fellow test takers. The notes obtained from study groups or past takers of the CAIA can be invaluable to current candidates.
Beyond the CAIA preparation notes recommend by the institute, there are dozens of companies offering similar services. There are also many web posts available of past notes taken by candidates that are offered free of charge. In connection with the vast amount of material a test taker must purchase on his/her own (i.e. text books and articles) there are multiple websites on the web which advertise barter deals to swap books they have already used for ones which they need to study from. There is also a vast amount of material available on Ebay from previous used study guides and CAIA preparation notes, although these might be outdated.

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