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April 2008 Hedge Funds Returns

Hedge Funds ReturnsHedgeFund.net just released the returns of hedge funds in their database for April 2008. In short the average hedge fund manager gained some meaningful ground while energy funds took off, overall most hedge fund managers are still weighed down though by poor Q1 performance. I skimmed through and have pulled out a few of the highlights below:
  • The comprehensive HedgeFund.Net database reveals that Hedge Fund Aggregate Average increased by 1.96% in April.
  • The energy sector funds were the best performing funds in April, improving with a Energy Sector Average of +5.70% last month.
  • The spike in fuel and energy prices have benefited the Emerging Market Average +3.23%. These high prices specifically benefited hedge funds focusing in the Middle East and Northern Africa, who increased +6.54% last month.
  • Indian and Chinese hedge funds rebounded in April, but this improvement is overshadowed by the heavy losses both areas have experienced this year.
  • Generally, equity-related strategies performed the best.
Here are links to past hedge fund performance and analysis pages through my sites archives:
- Richard

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