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Prime Brokerage Services

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Prime Brokerage Services

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I have gotten many questions from professionals in the hedge fund industry regarding prime brokerage services for hedge funds. I couldn't easily find a list of services that prime brokerage shops offer so here is a non-exhaustive but growing list of services that I know some prime brokerage firms provide to their hedge fund manager clients.

  • Lending Securities

  • Hedge Fund Startup Services

  • Accessing local shares abroad

  • Cash Management

  • Capital Introductions - Asset Raising

  • Real Estate Identification or Office Space - Hedge Fund hotels

  • Access to Hedge Fund Lawyers focussing on hedge fund clients

  • Headhunting & talent identification to help build portfolio management teams

  • Third Party Marketing Due Diligence

  • Clearance & Custody of Assets

  • Portfolio Reporting

  • Branding & Marketing

  • IT Consultations

  • Compliance & Risk Management

- Richard

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