Top Performing Hedge Funds

Top Performing Hedge Funds

Top Performing Hedge Funds of 2007

Top Performing Hedge Funds
If you took a quick look at my recent hedge fund performance article or have been following recent news you know that some hedge funds have been fairing very well throughout current market conditions.

The following is Barron's ranking of the world's best performing hedge funds:

1. Hedge Fund: Passport II Global
Company: Passport Capital
2007 Return: 219.44%

2. Hedge Fund: Dynamic Power
Company: Goodman & Company
2007 Return: 38.60%

3. Hedge Fund: Paulson Enhanced
Company: Paulson & Co.
2007 Return: 129.13%

4. Hedge Fund: Balestra Capital Partners
Company: Balestra Capital
2007 Return: 199.14%

5. Hedge Fund: Renaissance Technologies Medallion Fund
Company: Renaissance Technologies
2007 Return: 73.70%

6. Hedge Fund: Metage Special Emerging Market
Company: HIG Capital
2007 Return: 61.65%

7. Hedge Fund: Atticus European
Company: Atticus Management
2007 Return: 27.86%

8. Hedge Fund: Harbinger Capital Partners Flagship Fund
Company: Harbinger Capital Partners
2007 Return: 116.10%

9. Hedge Fund: The Children's Investment Fund
Company: The Children's Investment Fund Management
2007 Return: 37.59%

10. Hedge Fund: Aisling Analytics Pte Ltd Merchant Commodity Fund
Company: Aisling Analytics Pte
2007 Return: 36.91%

11. Hedge Fund: Blackhorse Emerging Enterprises Fund
Company: Blackhorse Asset Mangement Pte.
2007 Return: 26.16%

12. Hedge Fund: Sabre Fund
Company: Mathews Capital Partners
2007 Return: 105.16%

13. Hedge Fund: Global Emerging Markets Fund (USD)
Company: Nevsky Capital
2007 Return: 40.72%

14. Hedge Fund: Long-Term Investment Fund (SIA) (USD)
Company: Strategic Investment Advisors
2007 Return: 46.20%

15. Hedge Fund: Zweig-DiMenna International
Company: Zweig-DiMenna International Managers
2007 Return: 79.10%

16. Hedge Fund: Polar Capital Paragon Absolute Return Fund (GBP)
Company: Polar Capital Partners
2007 Return: 15.76%

17. Hedge Fund: Eastern Advisors
Company: Eastern Advisors
2007 Return: 91.60%

18. Hedge Fund: Paulson Advantage
Company: Paulson & Co.
2007 Return: 94.77%

19. Hedge Fund: Value Partners Classic Fund
Company: Value Partners
2007 Return: 41.10%

20. Hedge Fund: SR Global Fund Class C - International Portfolio
Company: Sloane Robinson
2007 Return: 40.70%

21. Hedge Fund: Libra Fund
Company: Libra Advisors
2007 Return: 40.81%

22. Hedge Fund: Horseman Global Fund - Class A (USD)
Company: Horseman Capital Management
2007 Return: 32.93%

23. Hedge Fund: Nevsky Fund Limited - Class A (USD)
Company: Nevsky Capital
2007 Return: 29.77%

24. Hedge Fund: Blenheim Fund
Company: Blenheim Capital Management
2007 Return: 16.49%

25. Hedge Fund: SR Global Fund Class G - Emerging Mkts Portfolio
Company: Sloane Robinson
2007 Return: 33.80%

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- Richard

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