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Investment Conferences

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Investment Conferences

I went to my first major investment conference this last week. It had 650 financial representatives there that all use an investment platform that I got our money manager client on to. We had a small booth/table and we got to meet dozens of potential investors, it was great. The top lessons I took away at the conference were:
  • Advisors are hounded by other sales people. You have to be friendly and hopefully have spoken with them before.
  • When you have called 120 people it is hard to have memorized each name so that you recognize them walking by with their name tags. It is hard, but it is worth it.
  • Everyone brings a piece of junk with their name on it. Next time come with something valuable and unique they will actually use. Not a pen, chapstick, or bouncy balls.
  • You have to walk out in front of your booth and work the crowd. Most people won't come up to your booth to talk to you but once you engage them they might very interested in your products.
  • Always have a vertical both sign, handouts, and a horizontal booth banner.
  • Prepare before the conference starts. Place 3 points of contact with each advisor before the conference and have the names of top prospects memorized before it starts. Have your list of prospects with you at the booth.
  • You don't have time to sell them the world. Focus on 3 benefits and a 2 minute description of your top product.
  • Your top prospects will probably be the hardest to find and grab for a few minutes. They are the busiest and are usually on their blackberry or with another sales professional.
  • Dress like money. You must look like money. Have a crisp shirt, matching suit, and multi-colored silk tie.

- Richard

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