Hedge Fund Internship

Looking for a hedge fund internship? Send me your resume, the dream hedge fund job you would like to have in 3-24 months and what type of internship you are looking for (time commitment and type of work). I have enough work for 3-4 unpaid hedge fund internships and connections to place 1-2 students or professionals into a paid hedge fund internship.

If you were to start a hedge fund internship with me the possibilities would include:
  • Hedge Fund Internship focussed on Strategy Analysis
  • Hedge Fund Internship focussed on Analytics
  • Hedge Fund Internship focussed on Public Relations
  • Hedge Fund Internship focussed on Best Practices in the industry
  • Hedge Fund Internship focussed on Hedge Fund News Tracking & Synthesis
  • Hedge Fund Internship focussed on Hedge Fund Article & White Paper Development
  • Hedge Fund Internship focussed on InvestmentDefinition.com - Creating an index of 250 hedge fund related definitions (good base understanding of lingo that many experienced hedge fund managers don't have a firm grasp on)

Indicating which of the above areas look most interesting to you might be a good way to start a discussion. No matter what you work on if you put in the time I can assure that you will know the basic landscape of the hedge fund industry and are up to speed on recent trends and norms that will help you present yourself as a professional in the industry when you apply for hedge fund jobs. I look forward to speaking with you.

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- Richard

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