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Hedge fund jobs are in high demand, many MBA graduates and experienced financial professionals now are looking for ways into the hedge fund industry. If you are looking around at hedge fund jobs let me know. I have received a few notices from Hedge Funds looking to fill open hedge fund jobs and I know of a few recruiters that you might want to be speaking with.

I often get email questions about how to prepare a resume for a hedge fund job interview. What is the perfect hedge fund resume for hedge fund jobs? There isn't one. While not the case, some hedge fund professionals never graduate from high school but make over $1m/year in their job trading or selling for a hedge fund. That said, some of the below factors are a few of what can help land you hedge fund jobs:
  • Quantitative experience and abilities
  • CFA, CHP, or CAIA designation
  • Education - Ivy league, MBA, Quant focused PhD
  • Signs of loyalty, passion, and being humble
  • Something Extra such as PR expertise, asset gathering ability, or Information Advantage
  • High quality names from your last few hedge fund jobs - large wirehouse experience
  • How much money did you personally bring in to the firm or make for the firm?
  • A stomach for a high commission/bonus structure
One highly successful hedge fund manager said that they don't have any hard and fast experience requirements while filling their open hedge fund jobs, they simply look for people who are hungry, humble, and smart.
Hedge Fund Job Websites
hedge fund jobs, hedge fund jobA few great places to look for hedge fund jobs and learn how to land one are the Albourne Village, CHP Designation Library of Resources, Commodity Careers.com and HedgeFundMessageBoard.com. I'm collecting resources on hedge fund jobs. Let me know if you have some great hedge fund job website that I could list here.
To read dozens of additional articles related to Hedge Fund Jobs like this one please visit our Hedge Fund Employment Guide. Coming soon - the Hedge Fund Jobs Guide.

- Richard

Disclosure: Our firm runs the hedge fund training and certification program called the Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP).  To learn more about this program please visit http://HedgeFundCertification.com

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Anonymous said...

All your posts are right on..been reading it all over the last couple hrs.

This one is no exception, the CFA, MBA, and bottom line focus for a company are definite interests for top jobs at Hedge funds.

Richard Wilson said...

Thank you for the comment, let me know if you see any topics which you would like me to cover further here on the site.

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