Help Finding Seed Capital for New Hedge Funds?

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Help Finding Seed Capital for New Funds?

Help Finding Seed Capital for New Hedge Funds?Question: Do you help hedge funds who are seeking hedge fund startup capital?

Answer: Yes and no, the classic “it depends.” I have a list of seed capital providers which you may access for free here. In addition to that I have many capital introduction and third party marketing contacts which I may be able to help you connect with. I do this through working with a prime brokerage firm here in the US. This firm specializes in working with hedge funds with under $100M under management and has many relationships in place which can help these funds grow over time. 

If you would like our help in finding seed capital for your hedge fund or startup investment fund please complete the form below:

For general information on hedge fund marketing please see: Marketing & Sales Tips

For information on starting a hedge fund please see our guide here: Hedge Fund Startup Tools

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