European Business Summit 2009 Notes

EU Business Summit

European Business Summit Notes

European Business Summit 2009 Notes I am at the European Business Summit in Brussels today listening to speaches on the topics of financing, green business, the economic crisis and private equity / hedge funds. The theme here at the conference is on how to maintain and improve business standards and practices during a time when many businesses are failling or struggling to survive and turn a profit for their investors. Some of the speakers today include:

  • Herman Van Rompuy, Prime Minister of Belgium
  • H.E. Abdullah Gul, President of Turkey
  • Mirek Topolanek, Prime Minister of Czech Republic
  • William J. Mills, CEO of EMAE CitiGroup
  • Ian Hudson, President EMEA Dupont
  • Gerard Kleisterlee, CEO Philips
  • Guy Jonshon, CNBC Anchor

After speaking with other participants and speakers the panel I am participating in will soon be discussing:

  1. The importance of regulating hedge funds and private equity separately
  2. Acknowledging that hedge funds and private equity often take the brunt of the blame for trading activities completed by banks and traders around the world.
  3. The importance of balancing the desire to regulate hedge funds without kills the very ecosystem which has lead to such an agile and successful niche of the industry.
  4. How much risk do hedge funds and private equity firms pose to the greater market? How can we keep the level of leverage used by these firms in check?

If you are at the conference yourself I will be at the coctail networking and Gala dinner events this evening.

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