Can Hedge Funds Speak to the Press? | Q & A

Hedge Fund Press Exposure

Can Hedge Funds Speak to the Press? Q & A

Can Hedge Funds Speak to the Press? | Q & AQuestion: Why Can’t Hedge Funds Speak with the Press?

Answer: Due to current SEC solicitation regulations many hedge fund professionals will not speak directly to the press. While it is often the case that speaking to the press itself is not grounds for action from a regulatory body saying the wrong thing can, and many hedge funds do not want to come anywhere close to doing so.

I have heard from many reporters both within the US and elsewhere who have a hard time connecting directly with hedge fund managers for press inquiries. If you are one of these journalists or book authors looking to connect with hedge fund managers please shoot us an email and we can provide some guidance or introduce you to a few hedge fund public relations experts who could also be of assistance.

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