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Hedge Fund Startup Website Launching

Hedge Fund Startup Website LaunchingYou may have already browsed our Hedge Fund Startup Guide.

In less than 8 weeks our team will be launching a new site dedicated to helping hedge fund startups. The site will seek to be especially useful for hedge fund managers with less than $50M in assets under management. We will help by providing capital raising advice, industry interviews, book reviews, sample marketing materials, introductions to service providers, events, and free marketing and sales advice. What you will not see here is non-stop re-publishing of press releases, information on fund closures, or other distracting news.

Our goal is to offer over 200 pages of helpful articles, guides, tips and relationship introductions all on one single focused website aimed to help you grow your hedge fund business. The price that we will be charging for this premium content is $0. If you have any resources which you have already written yourself or found that should be included in this new site please email them to Richard@HedgeFundGroup.org.

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