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There are many different study programs available to CAIA candidates. One of the most used is the Kaplan- Schweser CAIA study programs. Kaplan- Schweser not only provides study material for the CAIA but also for CFA, FRM, CAIA, CPA, CFP Certification, ChFC, CLU, CASL, and CPCU, exams as well as Securities Licensing, Insurance Pre-licensing, Professional Development, and Continuing Education requirements. Schweser has been proven to be a very successful study program for those in the financial services field.

The Kaplan Schweser CAIA program has many distinguishing elements to it. The Schweser CAIA program provides extensive knowledge which is trusted by thousands of CAIA candidates, Schweser's high-quality materials are designed by CAIA members with real-world experience, expert instructors who are industry experts dedicated to providing you with the personal attention required to be prepared for exam day, flexibility in the available study tools and instructional methods which vary to match candidate’s particular learning style and are easily accessible so you can still study with a busy schedule, structure in their products that is designed to work in combination with the other study materials to provide direction and motivation which can reduce a candidate’s study time, and advanced technology which provides access to live instruction and efficient online study tools.

The Schweser CAIA program uses a three step process: learn, practice, and retain study method. This three step study method is designed to maximize a candidate’s knowledge of the CAIA curriculum while applying this proven study method. This method combines the educational value of reading the recommended readings provided by the CAIA as well as a focus on learning the core concepts, practicing with a variety of questions, and retaining key information. Utilizing this model, Schweser CAIA has designed a very progressive and comprehensive study package for the CAIA exam.

The learn method of the Schweser CAIA curriculum has flexible study tools that match a candidate’s specific learning style. The study tools include study notess and weekly online programms. The practice method allows a candidate to work through concept summaries, test-bank questions and full-length practice exams. The study tools available for this method are SchweserPro question bankk and practice exams. The retain method concentrates on core concepts with interactive live instruction and concise final review study tools including weekly online programs and flashcards.

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