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CAIA Forum | Forums for the CAIA ProgramWhen taking the CAIA examination, a candidate may wish to combine various ways of studying and learning. One useful tool is the CAIA forum. There are actually many different CAIA Forums that a candidate can access and they vary significantly on information discussed.

The CAIA association itself has somewhat of a CAIA forum available to candidates and visitors. The CAIA forum here is broken down into a bibliography sub-divided by the different classes of alternative investments. There are individual forums which address hedge funds, commodities, managed futures, private equity, real estate, and risk management. Each one of the categories provides resources which address some of the current hot topics within the alternative investment universe. The available resources are searchable as well. provides a CAIA forum that allows candidates to discuss CAIA related material based on 4 different topics. There is a CAIA general discussion that focuses on the program in general. There are CAIA level I and Level II discussions which allow visitors to concentrate on each level of the examination specifically. There is also a career discussion which allows visitors to concentrate on career advice and how it relates to the CAIA. This seems to be a very new site but it may grow into something unique and valuable over the next few years. has had a large presence within the CFA forum for a quite a while. They are currently in the process of launching a CAIA forum as well. will most likely be providing a similar variety of sub-categories within the CAIA forum. The categories should have a test preparatory section, a CAIA forum to discuss current topics with the alternative investment universe, a forum to discuss relevant articles, a forum to view study material available for the CAIA examination before purchasing it, a forum which discusses CAIA careers, and a CAIA forum which provides links to valuable resources and societies.

Beyond the CAIA forums already mentioned in this article, there are many other CAIA forums available to candidates and those interested in the CAIA. By searching the internet via Google or yahoo, one can find a CAIA forum on almost any relevant topic concerning the CAIA and its examinations.

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