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CAIA Notes | Study Notes for the CAIA Program

When taking the CAIA, a candidate may wish to use a number of different study aids. One aid that some candidates find helpful are CAIA notes. There are CAIA notes that are provided by the CAIA institute itself as well as CAIA notes available from fellow test-takers. The CAIA notes themselves vary quite a bit from company to company. Some of the examination preparatory programs offering CAIA notes are institutional Investor exam prep, Uppermark, Kaplan schweser, and Edhec asset management.

The CAIA preparation notes from the CAIA institute have topic outline followed by learning objectives in a chapter format. The Level I Outline is over 100 pages long while the level II outline is over 60. These should be thought of as the bare minimum to pass the exam. These CAIA notes provide the information necessary to pass the CAIA exam.
One of the best sources of CAIA notes comes from fellow test takers. The notes obtained from study groups or past takers of the CAIA can be invaluable to current candidates. CAIA notes available from fellow test-takers can provide candidates with more specialized notes concentrated on exam topics which others have found the most challenging.

Investor exam prep CAIA notes are hard-copy handbooks that summarize all the Level I learning objectives, from reviewing essential concepts in finance, investment, and statistics, to differentiating between different AI trading strategies and performance measurements. Uppermark CAIA notes provide comprehensive and concise summaries of the content in the CAIA study guide. They not only adhere closely to the CAIA exam curriculum and assigned readings, but are also very well organized. This allows candidates to focus their time more precisely. Each Topic chapter ends with a set of practice test questions that can be used to help you master the material. Kaplan Schweser CAIA notes are easy-to-read and organized by learning objectives. It is a three book set which is a consolidation of the CAIA assigned readings and includes key concepts, concept checker questions, and two full length practice exams. Edhec asset management’s CAIA notes are actually the same ones produced by Kaplan Schweser. Edhec offers additional seminars to help prepare the candidate for the CAIA examinations.

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