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Creating a Hedge Fund

New Talent Deciding to Create a Hedge Fund

Creating a Hedge FundHere is a short article about a KPMG professional who believes next year will bring out many new talented hedge fund managers. I agree. I had lunch yesterday with a third party marketer and prime brokerage group and everyone in the industry believes that Q2 and Q3 of 2009 will be huge. Nobody claims to know where the bottom of the financial crisis will be but many groups are ignoring the negative headlines and looking forward to this next period of growth, now is the time to lay the foundation or groundwork for that growth.

Here is an exceprt from the article mentioned above:

Next year will see the strong return of value investing, a shake-out in the hedge funds industry that will also see a welcome influx of new talent, changes to prime brokerage relationships and probably more intrusive regulation, according to KPMG's European head of investment management Tom Brown.

'We are already starting to see the more forward-thinking investors focusing their attention and capital on finding undervalued assets and snapping them up for rock bottom prices,' Brown says. 'This value investing will continue into 2009 and some organisations will make sound returns as a result.'

He expects many hedge funds to close, but also predicts that the turmoil throughout the financial services industry will produce an injection of new talent into the industry from traders with innovative ideas and fresh perspectives. source

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