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CAIA Study Tips

1 Page Guide to CAIA Study Tips

CAIA Study Tips | 1 Page CAIA Study GuideCAIA study tips vary greatly from candidate to candidate. Some of the major areas of focus each candidate will agree on are number of hours to study, the CAIA study guide, CAIA books, and CAIA study programs.

When addressing the first CAIA study tip of study time, it is important to note that the CAIA admits that it is nearly impossible to provide guidelines that would be appropriate for candidate on how much study time is necessary for each level of the examination. Based upon candidate feedback, the CAIA recommends the “typical” candidate requires a minimum of between 150-200 hours of study for the level 1 exam. The CAIA recommends that Level 2 examination requires 200 hours of study or more for the typical candidate. These numbers vary greatly due to the fact that the Study Guides' contain a number of keywords, main points, and learning objectives differ across the topics in both levels, and that the amount of time needed for each topic is greatly different.

CAIA study tips regarding the CAIA study guide are fairly straight forward. The CAIA Study Guides make up the core of the program and, in conjunction with the recommended readings, allow candidates to prepare for the CAIA exams. The study guides offer instructions for successful preparation by breaking down each reading, section by section, into keywords, main points, and learning objectives. The study guides give the candidates a road map of what they are expected to know on each examination to be successful.

One of the most successful CAIA study tips is to purchase the recommended CAIA books. For the Level 1 examination, there are four recommended books. For the Level 2 examination, there are six recommended books. Two of the books are recommended for both levels of the exam, meaning a candidate is recommended to purchase eight books total for the examinations. The recommended are; Hedge Funds: Quantitative Insights, Lhabitant; Real Estate Finance and Investments: Risks and Opportunities; Standards of Practice Handbook(recommended for both levels of the examination); Handbook of Alternative Assets (recommended for both levels of the examination); Convertible Arbitrage; Real Estate Investment Trusts: Structure, Performance, and Investment Opportunities; Beyond the J-Curve: Managing a Portfolio of Venture Capital and Private Equity Funds; and Quantitative Trading Strategies. To complete the CAIA materials, a candidate is also recommended to purchase a collection of journal articles entitled CAIA Level II: Current and Integrated Topics, which is available through the CAIA Association.

The final CAIA study tip is to use a CAIA preparatory program. These programs provide candidates with extensive knowledge which is trusted by thousands of CAIA candidates, high-quality materials are designed by CAIA members, expert instructors, flexibility in the available study tools and instructional methods, structure in their products that is designed to work in combination with the other study materials to provide direction and motivation, and advanced technology which provides access to live instruction and efficient online study tools.

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