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Wealth Management Marketing & Family Office GrowthBelow is an article on family offices and how they may be well positioned to pick up the pieces and grow their market share after this financial crisis has passed. I agree with the comment below that part of the reason that ultra high net worth individuals sometimes don't use family offices is because they don't know they exist or have never sat down with someone to discuss why it may make sense to work with one.

I believe this is a sign of pent up demand for expert family office marketers. If you can work within the industry for 7 years and build your marketing expertise you are worth your weight in Gold to a medium to large sized family office group which is looking to further expand their services.

Here is an excerpt from the article mentioned above:

When the dust settles from the financial crisis, multi-family offices are likely to be among the winners in Europe’s wealth industry.

These businesses, which tend to advise ultra-wealthy families, expect to benefit from the damage wrought to the reputations of investment banks.

Geneva-based Global Wealth Management manages €2bn ($2.6bn) for about 30 European and Middle Eastern families. Peter Sartogo, its managing partner, says multi-family offices have until now failed to promote themselves effectively in Europe.

“One of the reasons multi-family offices haven’t grown as rapidly as might have been expected is that clients simply don’t know they exist. At the same time, there is no winning formula for a multi-family office – everyone does it differently.”

Sartogo joined GWM three years ago after 15 years as an investment banker: “I think of it as my military service,” he laughs. source

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