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CAIA Questions

CAIA Exam Questions | 1 Pager

CAIA Questions | CAIA Exam Questions | 1 PagerQuick Link: Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP)

As with any designation, there are some CAIA questions that come up more frequently than others when researching this designation. The first question one may ponder when researching the CAIA designation is, “what is the CAIA”. The chartered alternative investment analyst program (CAIA) covers a broad based curriculum in the alternative investments field. The program focuses on the main areas within hedge funds, private equity, commodities, real estate and private equity.

One of the major CAIA questions is, “how do I earn the CAIA designation?”. The right to use the CAIA designation is earned by successfully completing the CAIA program (passing both the Level I and Level II exams) and becoming a member of the CAIA Association. In order to qualify for membership in the Association, you must fulfill each of the following:pass the Level II exam within three years of passing the Level I exam, hold a U.S. bachelor's degree or the equivalent, and have more than one year of professional experience, or alternatively have at least four years of professional experience, submit payment for the annual CAIA Association membership fee, and agree on an annual basis to abide by the Member Agreement.

Another CAIA question that is frequently asked is, “when can I take an exam”.The Level I and Level II exams are held twice each year, in March and September. Registration for the March exam period is open October through January. Registration for the September exam period is open March through July. It is important to note that registration is exam-specific and cannot be postponed or transferred to future exam sessions (e.g., individuals who are registered for the September 2008 exam cannot defer their examination until the March 2009 exam period). The window for each testing period is 10 business days, during which time candidates are responsible for sitting for the exam at one of the proctored testing centers. The Level I and Level II exams cannot be taken within the same exam period.

Another vital question that frequently comes up is “How long do I need to study for the exam”. Regarding the amount of time necessary to devote to the program all candidates are different and will require varying amounts of study time. Therefore, it is nearly impossible to predict an amount of time that would be appropriate for everyone. Based on candidate feedback, the CAIA estimates that Level I requires a minimum of between 150-200 hours of study, while Level II requires 200 or more. Finally, because the Study Guides' number of keywords, main points, and learning objectives differ across the topics in both levels, so the CAIA warns that the amount of time per topic will vary widely.

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